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Rihanna Short Hairstyles

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Rihanna is another superstar in our discussion today. She is one of the celebs that look versatile with different hairstyles. She can nail pretty much any outfits and hairstyles. With that advantage under her belt, she can look flawless whenever and wherever she wants to. Rihanna has changed hairstyles numerous times. Her short hairstyles were so popular back then. If you want to try them, just go ahead. Having short hair is important because it requires low maintenance.

Rihanna short hairstyles 2014

Rihanna Short Hairstyles

If you do not want to waste a lot of time every morning before leaving for work, then it’s nice to cut it short. To style short hair, you may just need to sit 10 minutes or so in front of your dressing table. Rihanna hairstyles are one of, if not, the greatest among Hollywood actresses. Here’s one of the styles that you can try. Rihanna often cuts her hair short around the ears. The top, on the other hand, should be longer. Bobs are a perfect style for short hair. To do it, you can start by applying a relaxing gel all over your hair. Rub it evenly and comb it with your fingers.

Make sure the gel is touching the roots and the ends of the hair. Turn a blow dryer on create a voluminous bob. The last step is set it with a hairspray. Have you ever tried a style called pixie cuts? This one also looks fabulous with short hair. Besides Rihanna, Katie Holmes also loves it so much. Pulling off pixie cuts is not difficult. The most important thing is that you have to add texture to the hair.

Rihanna curly hairstyles

Next, find the most eye-catching facial features. Use the cut to frame those parts. Every woman is endowed with different flattering facial features. You must know how to take advantage of those areas to get a better look. As with other styles, pixie cuts also require low maintenance. It can be applied on both straight and wavy hair. That’s a bit of information we want to share about Rihanna. Next time we will talk more about her fashion sense.

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