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Miley Cyrus with Blonde Hair

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Miley Cyrus and blonde hair are 2 inseparable things. Do you know how many of the world’s population have blonde hair? This fact is quite surprising. Considering the huge number of celebs ever caught wearing this color, it’s a bit surprising that only 2 percent of the total population is graced with this hair color. With such a little percentage, it is interesting to see why people love this hair color so much. Blonde is known to bring freshness and youthfulness out. That is why many people are crazy over this bright tone.

Miley cyrus blonde highlights

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It’s often associated with a care-free and fun-loving look. If you want to try this hair color like Miley does, then just give it a try. There are some interesting facts you must read about this color. First, people call the lightest blonde as platinum blonde. It is a few tones away from white. For some people, the difference may not be so obvious. Meanwhile, the darkest tone is called golden blonde. There is also another shade called strawberry blonde. Did you ever hear that? It is like a combination of blonde and red. It is quite uncommon, but some people love that unique blend.

Black is a favorite color of many Hollywood legends, like Marilyn Monroe. You may have been familiar with her ??curly blonde hair. Blonde really makes someone a few years younger than his / her actual age. That’s the main reason why people favor it over other colors. Even Cinderella is portrayed as a blonde girl. The use of such a character makes this color sneak into the mainstream.

Miley cyrus hair color

Now blonde not only becomes an adults’ favorite, but kids also love that so much. In contrast, dark colors are often stereotyped as nasty and ugly in fairy tales. That does not apply in the world of fashion. In fashion, each color has its own good and bad sides. Whether you want to choose darker or brighter tones, it all comes down to you. That’s some interesting facts about blonde. They may inspire you to try. Last but not least, choose a hairstyle that suits the color.

Miley Cyrus with Blonde Hair (7)

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