How to Blow Dry Curls

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We will give you tips on how to blow dry curls. If you have curly hair, you may unconsciously treat it like straight hair. Maintenance for curly and straight hair is basically different, so you’d better watch out. Some manufacturers make products based on hair types. Some products are best used for straight hair, while others are suit curly hair best. Terrible hair styling habits can lead to hair damage. It would also happen if you often wear wrong hair care products.

Brazilian blow dry curls

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In general, curly hair requires more intensive treatment. If you ignore all those important aspects, do not be surprised if your hair gets damaged very quickly. As simple as it may sound, blow drying curly hair is not that easy. There are several steps that you should follow. First, wash your hair and dry it with a towel. Wear a conditioner while your hair is still wet. Next, you need to comb your hair thoroughly. Use a proper brush so that your hair is not stretched too tightly. Do not choose bristled brushes because it can damage your hair.

It’s also essential to provide protection to the hair against heat. Extreme use of a blow dryer can weaken your hair. Heat is needed to accelerate the absorption of nutrients, but it is not good in high intensity. You can buy a heat protecting product. These products can be found in the beauty shops. If you do not know which one to take, please consult a hairstylist. The next important step is to apply a styling product.

How to blow dry thick curly hair

They come in different shapes, such as gels, sprays, and serums. They all have their own advantages. After all these steps, you can start blow drying. Start from the lowest heat level. Blow your hair smoothly from front to back. When your hair is completely dried, run your fingers through the hair to make sure no moist is left. The last step would be frizz control. If you suffer from frizz, certain hair products would probably help.

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