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Famous Celebrities with Brown Hair

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Do you have an idea which celebrities love brown the most? Blonde is probably the kind of color that every female celebrity must try. However, there are some celebrities who like brown hair so much. Justin Timberlake looks adorable with this hair color. Sure, he looks sexy when his hair color is blonde. He still looks handsome when wearing brown though. During the promotion of his latest album, he is constantly wearing dark hair, not necessarily brown.

male celebrities with brown hair

Brown is only a few tones away from black. You can also take inspiration from Jessica Biel. She looks very pretty with brown hair. Whether you have straight or wavy hair, brown will look incredible as long as you know how to choose the right shade. This color can give a carefree look and make you look sexier. You can make bangs, buns, or braids. Just be creative with your hairstyle.

Famous Celebrities with Brown Hair 2

Another actress who looks extremely pretty with brown is Maggie Gyllenhaal. She is often caught wearing brown hairstyles. Her favorite style is bangs. You can imitate her style in case your face shape resembles hers. Brown is a symbol of professionalism. That’s why it can be worn to go to the office. It also looks good for casual events. If you need to combine it with the classical style, then you can emulate Natalie Portman. She likes pulling her hair back. It is so simple to do and does not require much maintenance.

female celebrities with brown hair

We’re sure you also adore Beyonce’s brown hair. Her dark skin makes ??her look even more exotic. None can pull off brown like Beyonce. She is the queen of long brown hair. Though she recently decided to go blonde, she actually looked best with brown. Her curly hairstyle is very elegant and classy. If you are a big fan of her, you can just wear it as an appreciation. We believe that you too can rock this color since it is not so strong.

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