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Chic Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

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Many people think that wavy hair is difficult to maintain and care. For some reasons, it is true. But it is not totally right as well. There are many things you can do to style wavy hair. Whatever style you choose, there is no prohibition to be playful and unique. Wavy hair is naturally beautiful. Many women even waste their time to get wavy hair. Though it takes time to manage, but it was worth it.

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One simple way to keep curly hair is by wearing a bandana. You can also straighten it out to give a different look. It is important to choose a hairstyle according to your facial features. For example, you have an oval face. For this type of face, you should try to add volume to your hair. Add more waves to your hair and make layers. If you want to be more simple and casual, why do not you keep your hair short? There are many celebrities who look stunning with short wavy hair.

Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe is one of those celebrities who love this hairstyle. The color selection is also important. White is suitable for those who have pale skin. If your skin tone is a little darker, then you should choose a dark color like brown. When you managed to pick the right color, you will look sexy and charming. Also, there’s an option to keep it loose or tight. In case you want your hair to be a little stiff, set it with gel.

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It is suitable for those who make the curls manually. It is also appropriate for formal events. As we said before, wavy hair can be styled with bobs although they are not meant to be. When it comes to bobs, straight hair is a must. However, with a few modifications, you can also wear it on your curly hair. Some women have thick hair, while others have thin hair. In which category do you belong to? If your hair is thick, then it is better to layer your hair.

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