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Black Celebrity Short Hairstyles

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Celebrities really know how to attract people’s attention. There are some celebrities who are well known for their images and hairstyles. Whatever style they wear, it will become a trend followed by many people. With so many trends come and go each year, only a few survive and become trademarks. Let’s find out some trendy styles that you can follow. First, you can look for inspiration from Farrah Fawcett. She has risen to superstardom and ever since became inspiration when it comes to hairstyles.

Black celebrity short hairstyles for all ages

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You can imitate what she wears because it is suitable for all ages. In the industry, there are only a few big names that can last up to 3 decades, and Madonna is one of them. This lady has inspired the world of music since the 80s. She is an inspiration to younger generation. There are a variety of styles that she has tried, but she is best suited with wavy and a bit messy hairstyles. Another name that makes it into this list is Jennifer Aniston. She was the “it” girl in her prime time.

If you want to know how to pull off the girl next door look, you can learn from this successful actress. You can watch her ??movies or shows because she has been seen with different haircuts. They look nice on her, but short and layered hair best suit her image. For you guys who are looking for inspiration, you can try the shaved style a la Eminem. Short hair is his standard look. He is rarely caught with long hair. If you are obsessed with him and one of his biggest fans, then you can cut your hair short and try to nail that bad guy look.

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Rihanna is quite versatile when it comes to hairstyles. She has tried almost all haircuts, like bangs, braids, bobs, and many others. She also has been experimenting with different hair textures, such as straight, wavy, curly, etc. When you see her changes from time to time, a lot of fashion-related stuff can be learnt. Whether you want to look innocent or sporty or a bad girl, you can learn a lot from Rihanna.

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